Klareboderne 3,
1001 Copenhagen K
Tel. (+45) 33 75 55 60


GYLDENDAL is a Danish-owned publishing firm, which seeks to promote through its publication’s such values as freedom of expression, integrity, versatility and literary quality. Gyldendal sees it as its mission to contribute to the development of Danish language, literature and culture, to the general level of education, and to the quality of social debate. Throughout its more than 200-year history as a publishing house, Gyldendal has played a central role in Danish public life.

Gyldendal has published most of Denmark’s prominent authors and the publishing house has introduced important foreign authors to Denmark, even as it has facilitated the publication of the Danish literature abroad. Gyldendal is the leading editor of children’s books in the country with respect to the publication of quality literature for children and young people. Moreover, the publishing house edits a wide range of non-fiction works and has a modern lexicography department, which covers a variety of languages. With the country’s largest department for educational books, Gyldendal is making its mark on the Danish school system.


Publication takes place in both printed and digital form. The choice of the medium is tailored to the character of the publication. Gyldendal also presides over book clubs and its own paperback series.

By virtue of its traditions and wealth of experience, Gyldendal possesses editorial skills and expertise that allows past and present to interact in a publication program that, in many contexts, sets the agenda for debate in Denmark. Gyldendal will strengthen its position as Denmark’s leading publisher through outreach programmes and by adhering to its core functions: innovation, selectively, the editorial process and marketing.


Gyldendal will achieve these goals and remain an attractive publisher for its authors by providing a developing workplace for its employees and by strengthening its secure economic foundation.