Ernst Klett Verlag GmbH
Rotebühlstraße 77
70178 Stuttgart
Telefon: 0180 / 25 53 882
Fax: 0180 / 25 53 883



The Klett Group comprises 60 companies at 42 locations in 18 countries and has currently over 40,000 titles in stock. It is one of Europe’s largest providers of educational services and supplies. Apart from schoolbooks, learning aids and dictionaries, CDs, CD-ROMs and audio files, Klett also publishes countless specialized books and trade journals, cultural magazines, children’s books, fantasy fiction and fiction works. Seven distance-learning institutes and four distance universities also offer around 400 correspondence courses.


The Klett Group is also one of Europe‘s leading privately owned and operated enterprises offering a wide range of educational programs and adult education services. At the present time, the Klett Group employs a workforce of about 2,900. In 2008, the Group produced total revenues of approx. EUR 439 million.

For more information, please visit the Klett Group website at www.klett-gruppe.de