About IGEP

About IGEP

The IGEP is a forum for the exchange of information on all levels between equal member publishers. The members are outstanding publishers of dictionaries and materials for teaching and learning in Western Europe. There is one member per country. IGEP aims to:

– Promote cooperation on a bilateral or multilateral level in all fields, including copublishing, production and management.
– Continuously analyse relevant publishing parameters like production costs, illustration costs, market research, marketing costs, financial results and others through the active participation of all members.
– Monitor trends on the international publishing scene including new technologies, curriculum developments, EC initiatives, new markets, etc. If necessary outside expertise is sought.


IGEP and modern learning and teaching

Our main output has traditionally been, and to a large extent still is, schoolbooks and printed dictionaries. But by visiting this site, you are looking for electronic information.

Schools, teachers, students and education in general are rapidly developing new requirements. The educational world is changing, and not only in terms of technology. New laws on education are being passed in many countries and curricula dramatically altered almost everywhere. Accordingly, educational publishers are changing to improve service to their clients, and so improve on their core business: the organisation and distribution of educational information – in print or digital form – whatever schools demand. Hence, electronic publishing is a vastly important issue among members of IGEP.”


IGEP members meet every spring at an intensive two-day conference with a lively array of topics that all have to do with IGEP’s aims. The chairmanship and therefore the location of the conference rotates on a yearly basis. As well as the conferences, individuals contact each other all year round and often meet up for on-the-spot interaction.