Annual IGEP Conference – 2014

Most flights go to Oslo Airport Gardermoen:
Transport from Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Holmen Fjordhotell:
We recommend the Airport Express train (“Flytoget”) for the best connection. Depart from the Ground Floor (Arrivals Hall) inside the Terminal.

Website with timetable, fares etc.:
Take the Airport Express Train to Sandvika station (43 min). On arrival, you will be met by IGEP personnel who will help you find a taxi to Holmen Fjordhotel. Taxi fare: NOK 150-200.

Transport from Holmen Fjordhotell to Oslo Airport Gardermoen:
Taxi to Sandvika station, then the Airport Express train (“Flytoget”).
Those who have a flight on Saturday too early to take part in the sightseeing, are invited to join the bus from the Hotel to the
Centre of Oslo, and then take the Airport Express train, if this leaves enough time to
catch your flight. Those who have an afternoon flight on

Saturday, will pick up their luggage at the Aschehoug Office in Oslo after the sightseeing and/or the lunch, and then take the Airport Express train. It is recommended to allow at least 90 minutes from arrival at the Airport to flight departure.
Other airports near Oslo:
Moss Airport Rygge
Sandefjord Airport Torp
For further information contact: oystein.