H. Aschehoug & Co.
Box 363 Sentrum
0102 Oslo, Norway


Spirit and values

The Norwegian publishing house of Aschehoug was founded in 1872 by the two cousins Hieronymus and Halvard Aschehoug.

Right up to the end of the previous century, virtually all Norwegian literature of importance had been published by Danish companies. William Nyggaard however, who had taken over Aschehoug from 1888, set himself the task of building up a major, independent Norwegian publishing house which could compete for Norwegian authors on an equal footing with its powerful Danish rivals. Over the years Aschehoug has contributed considerably to the national literature of Norway, and been the publisher of for instance Nobel Prize Winner Sigrid Undset.

Today Aschehoug is the largest publishing house in Norway, still working in accordance with the idealistic guidelines set down by William Nyggaard senior. In our visionary strategy the values of tradition and innovation are emphasized along with the importance of independence and freedom of speech.

Organisation and publishing field

Aschehoug consists of three business units:

• Aschehoug Education that publishes textbooks and other educational material for primary and secondary school as well as upper secondary school. Post graduate and university level is taken care of by our daughter company, Tano Aschehoug. In co-operation with our multimedia department, Aschehoug Interactive, we develop CD-roms and various on-line publications intended for students as well as for teachers.

• Aschehoug Literature covers Norwegian as well as translated fiction for adults and children. Prominent among our contemporary Norwegian authors is Jostein Gaarder who has achieved outstanding international success with Sophie’s World. As for translations, Aschehoug is the publisher of Salman Rushdie’s books in Norway.

• Ascheboug Non-fiction publishes works of reference (history, geography, etc), biographies, popular science, travel guides, and hobby handbooks. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are published by Kunnskapsforlaget which is -50% owned by Aschehoug.

Since 1974 the, company’s president is William Nygaard jr.