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With 2600 employees and about 44 publishing imprints, Editis holds leading positions in three segments of the publishing business, in particular Literature (trade and mass market formats), Education (scholarly, scholastic aids, middle school, high school, university, legal and medical), and Reference (dictionaries and encyclopedias), as well as in the field of publishing services (promotion and distribution). Prestigious publishers and efficient group-wide services have made Editis number two in the world of French publishing and a major player in Europe. Editis has a clearly stated objective: to strengthen its position on the French market, to continue its growth, and to expand its influence throughout the French-speaking world.

Editis: prestigious publishing houses in three sectors

> Literature
– Editions First-Gründ: essays, practical guides, IT, travel guides, children’s books, art books and other non fiction.
– La Découverte: essays and non-fiction, humanities and the social sciences, economics, history, sociology, geopolitics, philosophy, psychology, foreign literature.
– Le cherche midi: non-fiction, French and foreign literature, poetry, humor, practical guides and art books.
– Les Editions XO (Oh! Editions): novels, essays, current affairs.
– Place des éditeurs (Presses de la Cité, Belfond, Convergences, Omnibus, Hors Collection, Le Pré aux Clercs, Solar, Acropole, Lonely Planet, Hemma, Langue au chat): foreign literature, French novels, biographies, essays and other non fiction, illustrated books, personal stories, science fiction, fantasy, detective fiction, anthologies, tourist guides, humour, comics, practical guides, illustrated books, books for children.
– Plon: essays, history, novels, ethnology, non-fiction, practical guides, children’s books, French and foreign literature, dictionaries.
– Perrin-Presses de la Renaissance: history books in large format and paperback, general literature, spirituality, philosophy, essays, biographies, personal stories, fiction, illustrated books, travel writing and other non fiction.
– Robert Laffont, NiL, Julliard, Seghers: French and foreign literature, essays, documents, narratives, personal narratives, biography, poetry.
– Univers Poche (Pocket, 10/18, Fleuve Noir, Pocket Jeunesse, Kurokawa): five imprints whose publishing lines complement each other perfectly, covering all types of fiction and non-fiction: novels, whodunits, thrillers, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, psychological self-help guides, spirituality, non-fiction, essays, mangas, learning foreign languages, etc.

> Education
– Bordas: educational tools, textbooks, classroom material, scholastic aids, works on educational methods, cultural reference books.
– CLE International: textbooks specializing in teaching French as a foreign language.
– Nathan: educational games, textbooks, pedagogical manuals, reviews, touch and feel books and classroom materials, scholastic aids, children’s literature, nature guides.
– Retz: educational methods for primary school, pedagogical manuals, scholastic aids and remedial education and individual development.

> Reference 
– Le Robert: expertise in French language and culture, monolingual, bilingual and thematic dictionaries and educational works on all media.