General Principles

General Principles

The IGEP publishers aim to produce educational materials which:

1. Are based on the best knowledge available in all subjects and on the best methods to present and teach them.

2. Promote and encourage protection of the environment, sustainable utilisation of natural resources and respect for all living things.

3. Promote human rights and equality for all people, irrespective of gender, race, religion and nationality, and take a stand against all kinds of violence and oppression.

4. Encourage self-respect and respect for other people.

5. Encourage students to take responsibility for their own lives and health, avoiding behaviour that might create risk for
themselves or others.

6. Teach and encourage the use of effective communication skills, critical thinking and study skills.

7. Promote cooperation and teamwork as well as autonomous, life-long learning.

8. Teach computer literacy and support students in the use of information technology.

9. Make use of the possibilities of new media, where appropriate, for information-gathering and as a study resource.