Klareboderne 3,
1001 Copenhagen K
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Gyldendal was founded in 1770 by Søren Gyldendal. It is one of the world’s oldest independent publishers and Denmark’s largest. Our offices are located in the company’s original 18th century mansion in downtown Copenhagen. Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard went to school in the same building.

Gyldendal Group is a limited company. The majority shareholders are Museumsfonden af 7. December 1966, which is the fund responsible for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and The Augustinus Fund. The annual revenue is about 850 million DKK / 130 million USD

Gyldendal Group comprises Gyldendal Publishing, Gyldendal Education, Rosinante & Co and the educational publishing company Systime. Gyldendal’s mission is to enrich Denmark and its population with learning, knowledge, art, culture, and high-quality literary experiences.

Gyldendal Publishing publishes the most important and influential Danish authors within every genre, has an exquisite international literary profile and a broad international commercial list and an impressive and dynamic back list, which spans the great classics of world literature, for instance 52 Nobel Prize winners.


Gyldendal Publishing also includes Gyldendal+ : Denmark’s largest reading community and a new kind of book club for today’s cultural consumer.

Søren Gyldendal was from day one interested in the world of education and today Gyldendal Education is a market leader across the educational sector in Denmark. This position obliges Gyldendal Education to work with the best teachers, researchers, professors and scientists. We aim to produce world class teaching materials which support all Danes throughout their entire education.

Gyldendal Education has developed a substantial and successful digital product portfolio especially to primary and secondary schools. The digital transformation is now expanding into higher education. Within the last couple of years we have expanded this part of the company to also include private tutoring and e-learning aimed at professionals within the health industry.



Gyldendal’s signature crane originates from founder Søren Gyldendal’s own signet ring.


The crane is an ancient European symbol of diligence and acuity – to this day essential in-house virtues at Gyldendal.