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Kunnskapsforlaget was founded in 1975 as a partnership, with the publishing houses H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard) A/S and Gyldendal Norsk Forlag A/S as owners. The reason was according to the partnership contract: “To guarantee a permanent publication of great encyclopedias and dictionaries”.

EncyclopediasOur main product is Aschehoug og Gyldendals STORE NORSKE leksikon, a 16 volume encyclopedia that has been sold in more than 250.000 copies (to every 7th Norwegian household) since it was first published. A fourth edition is underway, and will be completed in 2006. The online-version is mainly sold to and subscribed by institutional customers, but has a lot of private subscribers as well. The encyclopedia is each year supplemented with the publication of a comprehensive Year book. In addition to Store norske, Kunnskapsforlaget publishes a large as well as a smaller one volume encyclopedia. Our medical encyclopedia STORE MEDISINSKE Leksikon has, since it was launched in 1998, established itself as the cornerstone reference product among Norwegian college students of nursing and para-medical professions, and a new edition will be started in 2004. Another prestige project is the publication of NORSK BIOGRAFISK LEKSIKON, a 10 volume comprehensive Norwegian biographic encyclopedia – published with generous sponsorship from the Norwegian state as a large private foundation. Planned completion of the 4th Edition is in 2006.

Games & Quiz Since 2001, Kunnskapsforlaget has successfully entered into a new line of publications – namely knowledge games and quizes. The idea is to complement our more traditional product lines with commercial products requiring related competence. The two board games Store norske spillet (traditional knowledge board game) as well as the language game New Amigos have both been extremely popular, and has drawn a lot of PR and market attention.

Other Kunnskapsforlaget also publishes a number of topical reference books aimed at the public market as well as the university market.

The Managing Director is Ms. Kristin Weidemann Wieland, The Chairman: Kristenn Einarsson.