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Loescher Publisher ,boasts one of the longest traditions in the field of Italian publishing, being founded in 1867 by the German Hermann Loescher, great-grandchild of G.B. Teubner, well-known classical texts publisher.

Therefore the publishing house history runs parallel with the one of united Italy, closely following its main stages and becoming a valuable reference point for the school world. The initial course was the publication of Latin and Greek textbooks, while from 1920 – and especially in the last decades – Loescher has devoted its main interest to lexicography and to the school production for the secondary and the senior-secondary school. In 1966 was published one of the most important publishing house lexicographic works: the Latin Vocabulary by Luigi Castiglioni and Scevola Mariotti, who co-ordinated for fifteen years the work of a specialists team. This dictionary was a great success and today, in its third edition with CD-ROM, it is still one of the best dictionaries among those available on the Italian market.

During the past years on the one hand Loescher has confirmed, with remarkable works, the value of its production in the humanistic field, and on the other hand it has turned towards new markets, with a visible interest in foreign languages and literatures, so as in technical-scientific and artistic-musical subjects. The most recent years of the publishing house history are marked by some important novelties in the relationship with other publishers: many other marks and catalogues have been acquired and Loescher also provides for the distribution of publishing products of the publishers G. D’Anna Casa Editrice, Cambridge University Press, Klett International.

Loescher has also experimented some co-productions or localizations of foreign products, both traditional and multimedial. In these last years, Loescher proved itself always more attentive to the web development, with sites presenting works, online didactic materials and projects for a school always more oriented towards Internet and its potentialities.