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Porto Editora

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Porto Editora is the most important Portuguese publisher.

As much as its size, Porto Editora distinguishes itself by the excellence of its work in various editorial areas, from education to literature.

Since its foundation in 1944, the company has dedicated itself to book publishing and to other products within the education and reference areas. The academic and scientific communities, students and general public have a very high opinion of Porto Editora due to the quality and notability of its work within these areas.

Porto Editora is aware of the social responsibility inherent to its work and therefore is a privileged partner of several agents that research and study several knowledge areas. This fact is reflected in its catalogue, which includes a large number of editions devoted to a wide variety of scientific knowledge areas, and in particular dictionaries which are one of Porto Editora‘s many success cases.

The emergence of new technologies has highlighted one of Porto Editora‘s most unmistakable features: its innovative spirit. It was one of the first companies to implement technological solutions in its editorial process and, more importantly, it soon became the leading player in multimedia publishing. Products such as Infopedia.pt (the largest educational and cultural Portuguese language database), Escola Virtual (the first e-learning platform providing primary and secondary school content) and the Diciopédia (a multimedia product launched in 1997 and updated every year) are examples of the outstanding work Porto Editora has been developing in the production of educational and cultural content in digital format.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Porto Editora bought the full capital stock of two renowned educational publishers – Areal Editores and Lisboa Editora (now renamed Raiz Editora). On the whole both companies’ structure and office staff have been kept and smoothly incorporated into the structure of what is now Grupo Porto Editora, which may explain the growth seen in both companies.

The early years of the past decade were also extremely important for Grupo Porto Editora‘s internationalization process. Begun in the 1990s, this process has advanced considerably, resulting in the consolidation of two joint ventures, Plural Editores – Mozambique, in 2002 and Plural Editores – Angola, in 2005.

Meanwhile, Porto Editora‘s already comprehensive and diverse catalogue was extended to literature in 2006. Within this area, the company set its goal in two main genders, by publishing fiction books under Porto Editora’s brand and non-fiction books under two imprints created for that purpose: Ideias de Ler and Albatroz. Four years later, Porto Editora reinforced this strategy with the purchase of a prominent literature oriented publisher –  Sextante Editora, a company with a prestigious catalog of Portuguese and foreign renowned authors. Later in the same year, the purchase of Bertrand/Círculo de Leitores, former Bertelsmann Direct Group Portugal occurred. In 2012, Porto Editora acquired another esteemed Portuguese publishing house, Assírio & Alvim.

The improvement of its position in the retail market was also a strategic decision for Porto Editora. Together with the Bertrand Bookshop  chain, acquired with the Bertelsmann assets, Porto Editora´s online bookstore WOOK – the biggest in Portugal – strengthened the publisher’s position in this area.

Porto Editora’s success story already has many chapters, but is far from ending.