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Santillana is the leading textbook publishing group in Spain and Latin America. With more than 125 million books sold each year, the company has been synonymous with quality, innovation and service to teaching staff since its inception in 1960.

With five decades of experience in the sector and an international presence in 22 countries, Santillana has has consolidated its lead across all publishing segments, and has established deep roots in all of its local and regional markets.

Santillana started out publishing manuals, primers and vocational training books, as well as children’s books. Half a century later it is at the forefront of education and culture throughout Latin American. Santillana publishes books in Spanish, Portuguese (Moderna, Sistema UNO), French (Santillana Français) and English (Richmond Publishing) for all levels of non-university education and, through its local publishing labels throughout the Spanish regions with their own language, in all official languages of the Spanish state.

The company is committed to education, which we approach in a comprehensive and innovative fashion, embracing educational content and services. The present and the future of Santillana can thus be summed up by two chief goals: to improve the quality of education in all those countries where we have operations, and to forge ahead with the introduction of new technologies that will enable us to offer quality products and services that will meet new user needs. One of the educational projects that best express this commitment is Sistema UNO and Santillana Compartir, which are new ways of relating to the education community and which will enable us rise to the the educational challenges of the 21st century.

Although Spanish in origin, Santillana’s early expansion into Latin America means that the company now has a significant presence in almost all Spanish-speaking countries, plus Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil and the United States.

The company’s presence in Brazil was consolidated with the takeover in 2001 of the publishing house Moderna, founded in 1968 and specializing in textbooks and education systems and services. Santillana also acquired the publisher Editora Salamandra, specializing in children’s literature.